SHK Brand identity

SHK represents a new direction in executive recruitment. A major overhaul of its website became the catalyst for a refresh of a brand identity originally created by Envelope in 2007.


SHK’s unique approach to recruitment — delivered by its thoroughly experienced team — is elegantly embodied in the bespoke modern and classical typography of the word mark.

Its skills are reinforced with a positioning statement, we know where complemented by a suite of unique brand images depicting a family of engaging oceanic characters. Myriad configurations of starfish, penguins and dolphins are used across all communications including large scale prints and thematic signage throughout SHK’s offices.

Self-management of the brand is important with a range of digital templates facilitating production of reports and presentations by SHK’s employees. Envelope’s documentation and training clarifies and educates.

Developed in collaboration with information architect Suzanne Walker, the comprehensive website with its responsive design framework is the centrepiece of SHK’s communications.

Brand identity 

We also developed a brand identity for professional services company ACIL ALLEN and communications for Singapore's SMRT.