We know where.

Successful brands stand the test of time. They embody the spirit of an organisation with a flexible narrative that can shift and respond but never loses sight of its origins.

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Custom typography that transitions from classical to modern perfectly embodies the experience of SHK’s team of industry professionals together with its fresh approach to executive recruitment. A timeless solution that never need change.

When it came to storytelling, Envelope’s deep stakeholder engagement delivered a positioning statement that has also stood the test of time. Whether it’s finding the right candidate for an executive position, or the best executive position for a candidate, these three words have captured SHK’s story for more than fifteen years. The Earth’s oceans with the diversity of life that abounds within and around them provide the stage and the actors respectively to present SHK’s unique story to a global audience.

Finding your way...

SHK grew from irreverent startup to industry leader with a brand story that remains steadfast. How could Envelope create the story for your organisation that stands the test of time?

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