Victoria Law Foundation

Bringing the life to law

Victoria Law Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation providing better access to legal information through grants, publications and events. Envelope’s rebrand in 2007, was followed by more than a decade of collaboration producing digital and physical marketing solutions.

Community & public
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Publications

Brand ambassadors are the face of a renewed focus for Victoria Law Foundation. Speaking freely on the Foundation’s broad activities, selected individuals provide a human touchpoint and improve accessibility for citizens interacting with the law for the first time.

An expansive colour scheme is refreshed and used across all printed and digital communications to create clear information hierarchies.

Brand cohesion is ensured with an engaging toolkit to cost-effectively educate all VLF stakeholders. Its staff are empowered to confidently produce a wide range of marketing using consistent electronic templates.

The Victoria Law Foundation produces an enormous breadth of printed collateral for the community. Envelope’s publication imprint architecture streamlines production, reducing costs and increasing brand recognition.

Envelope’s campaign for Law Week helped elevate this annual program from a Victoria Law Foundation sub-brand to a highly recognised, stand-alone event in Victoria’s legal community calendar.

Dynamic typography creates an emphatic visual statement about the subject — LAW. A provocative headline creates attention.

Pushing boundaries…

Victoria Law Foundation makes law accessible to the millions of Victorians they serve. Envelope’s concise brand architecture and bold campaigns helped the Foundation reach more citizens and provide vital information to those who need it most. How could we help you increase your reach?

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