Our approach

The who, the what and the why.

Our collaborators

Our studio operates flexibly, building teams of specialists around the needs of our clients. Our teams are diverse and highly skilled — but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself…

Ty Bukewitsch

Envelope’s founding member, Ty has worked in brand design for more than 30 years. Ty’s methods are analytical and backed up by rigorous research and his passion for discovering the underlying essence of a product, service or organisation ensures brand stories connect, engage and remain memorable.

Graham Leggat

With a keen eye on the latest digital developments and a level of respect for the grid that would keep any Swiss designer smiling, Graham is a passionate designer with professionalism beyond his years. Joining Envelope’s network in 2014, Graham designs from a base in Scotland, for local and international clients.

Jennifer Newport

Marketing and communications strategist
We've worked with Jennifer for almost 20 years drawing on her incredible experience as a marketing strategist across NFP, education, health, disability and aged care sectors. One of our favourite collaborations was on a brand identity evolution for the Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry which ran for four years. Jennifer’s laser focus is tempered with a delightful sense of humour and she’s always ready to jump into any challenge. We also love her ability to pair a delicious red with scrumptious food when she’s cooking up a storm.

Andrew Curtis

Andrew’s technical genius has delivered stunning results for a range of inanimate objects like buildings, gallery installations and even glass jewellery. But it is his relaxed professionalism and the ability to draw out the idiosyncrasies of any person he is photographing that make him our favourite photographer. We also especially enjoy his incredible music collection on extended shoots in his Richmond studio.

Cate Rayson

The right words can transform your business. They can define your difference and explain why you’re better in a way your customers will remember. Cate Rayson’s words, not ours. She has been one of our longest collaborators and we’ve always admired her ability to convey so much with very few words.

Jane Ormond

We first met Jane Ormond back in the 80s when a mutual adoration of The Smiths led us to the same indie clubs. Since then her sharp wit and gift of the gab has led to many collaborations with clients who seek an alternative voice to the usual corporate spiel.

Ross Goddard

Digital aritst
Through over 20 years of collaboration, Ross’ digital art-working skills have contributed to some of Envelope’s most enduring images, bringing our abstract dreams into focussed reality. Even when the request requires tools that he has yet to explore, he jumps at the challenge and delivers the goods.

Lee Wong

Lee Wong has firmly established herself in Melbourne as the designers’ digital architect. With a degree in traditional graphic design majoring in multimedia she has offered a unique perspective on many Envelope project collaborations. For well over twenty years her infectious sense of humour and beaming smile has been an ever present delight.

Andrew Adams

Envelope has enjoyed a long collaboration with Andrew Adams and his terrific team of signage fabricators and installers. No project is too big or small and Andrew brings many years of experience in the delivery of wayfinding and statutory signage systems.

Design is not the arena of legends and gods…

Design should not be one of the five major food groups of status anxiety. Design should be humble and fluid, responding to each situation with confidence and passion. Bottom line – it’s about listening. It’s about immersion. Enveloping.

We choose to highlight our clients…

Representing our case in point. With examples that show how concentrated client involvement feeds our ideas, allowing them to grow into robust, healthy, glowing solutions. Seams tweaked to fit, and then some.

This is Envelope’s MO…

Immersing ourselves into our client’s world and exploring what goes on under the surface. Only then can we come up for air, with lungs full of fresh ideas unique to their context.

Little or large…

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest companies and some of the smallest start-ups, and it all comes back to using Envelope’s diverse range of disciplines, cultures and geographies to express our client’s personality, not ours.

Our process

At Envelope, we apply strategic rigour to all aspects of the brief and deliver creative solutions that are based on extensive research and practical outcomes.


Envelope develops strategies based on facts rather than assumptions or individual points of view. Thorough research of the competitive landscape is followed by detailed analysis to enable future directions to be devised with confidence. Information is gathered through investigation, research studies, internal company interviews, external focus groups and one-on-one interviews. A unique, relevant and achievable market position that you own can then be developed.


We believe that every brief should create the foundations for excellent project outcomes. Ideas can be constrained or liberated depending on the quality of the underlying strategy and its explanation. For many projects we actually create the brief for our clients, based on the research carried out before the creative process gets underway. Envelope can then develop your total presence including naming, developing a brand identity, and producing printed and digital marketing communications.


When devising an effective communications strategy, Envelope operates from a media neutral perspective. We analyse the target audience including their media consumption habits and relationship with your organisation. The right mix is then devised which may include events, public relations, advertising, direct mail or social media.

Our solutions

From campaigns which stop people in their tracks, to signage systems which keep them moving. Our expertise ranges from branding to the built-environment, and everything in-between.


Envelope creates and manages brands. Most importantly, we empower your employees and suppliers with tools to produce effective marketing and communications materials – maximising productivity and reducing business costs.


Envelope develops integrated marketing strategies based on facts rather than assumptions or individual points of view. Thorough research of the competitive landscape is followed by detailed analysis to enable future directions to be devised with confidence — a unique, relevant and achievable market position that you own.


Envelope designs and develops custom digital solutions for our clients, meeting exact requirements uncovered through our research. Our media-neutral approach ensures any digital aspects of a brief are an integrated and considered aspect of your communication strategy.


Envelope develops rational and legible wayfinding strategies for organisations, shouldered on detailed site research and stakeholder engagement. Our creative solutions are designed as tools for placemaking, delighting visitors and making spaces more engaging for all.

Can’t quite find the words?

At Envelope, we love to push boundaries and work with clients in the spaces between disciplines, and in ways that nobody could have predicted. Speak to us about doing something extraordinary.

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