Refining the message

Nyrstar is the world’s largest producer of zinc and lead with operations spanning five continents. Envelope’s brief from Nyrstar’s global agency Green Team? Evolve the existing brand and unify diverse marketing approaches.

Energy & resources
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communications

Over a two year program Nystar’s brand identity is reinvigorated with a refreshed colour palette and contemporary typography — combined with a suite of custom photography from its worldwide operations.

A global photographic shoot delivers fresh content, used to populate robust but flexible marketing and communications templates. The bank of photography is produced with longevity in mind, informed by photographers with a keen eye for capturing humanity in workplaces.

A versatile suite of photography and graphic assets allows the brand to be extended into all mediums.

Working with head office in Zürich, design templates are developed in several languages and delivered for production at local sites. Investor communications such as annual reports and prospectuses are designed in Melbourne for final production and printing in Europe.

A global website architecture is developed for implementation by Nyrstar’s Belgian-based website team. Interior graphics created for the head office in Zürich include a brand-wall and reception fit-out.

Operational frameworks are distilled into easily understood, step-by-step communications. Handy safety cards for employees provide a simple but effective method of promoting Nyrstar’s new focus.

Navigating the globe…

Envelope and Greenteam developed a comprehensive brand strategy for Nyrstar, collaborating with its teams across the world to produce culturally specific communications. All designed into a cost effective and efficient production process that Nyrstar employees readily embraced. How could we help your organisation chart a new course?

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