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Nothing says post like an envelope

More and more employees outside the traditional realms of corporate marketing departments are developing branded communications. Envelope’s brand toolkit uses everyday language to engage Australia Post’s forty-thousand employees.

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Making branding accessible

Corporate brand guides were traditionally created for graphic designers and often leave non-designers alienated rather than engaged. Using an Envelope brand toolkit, Australia Post employees learn at their own pace, gradually understanding the reasoning behind a brand’s visual presentation, increasing pride along the way.

Simple messages and daily scenarios are described in Cate Rayson’s matter-of-fact language, reinforcing diverse topics such as the ownership of Australia Post’s colour or the importance of consistency in the application of logos and sub-brands.

Access to easy-to-use templates empowers employees to get on with the job of producing communications with a greater focus on content rather than design. Productivity is improved and production costs contained.

Importantly, beyond visual elements, corporate approval processes such as those associated with sub-brand development are also outlined.

Could fresh eyes grow the potential of your brand?

Our brand guidelines helped make a complex brand structure accessible and understood by thousands of employees — giving them the power to champion the brand at every touchpoint. How could we help refresh your brand identity?

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