OZ Minerals

Better together

Formed through the merger of mining companies Oxiana and Zinifex – OZ Minerals became the third largest, diversified minerals group in Australia.

Energy & resources
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Wayfinding
From OZ to the world

Presented with the name OZ, Envelope’s confident, global brand identity connects with OZ Minerals’ culturally diverse internal and external audiences. The wordmark references the stencil letterforms found in remote outback mining operations. A vibrant colour scheme engages locally but also resonates with OZ’s largest customer base, China.

Taking inspiration from the geological layers, a new graphic language is formed.

Sub-brands are coordinated and consolidated into a new rational system for operations worldwide.

A comprehensive brand audit across the newly consolidated group documents every touch point from machinery and building signage, to promotional materials and uniforms.

The Oz Minerals toolkit went out around the world to teams in South East Asia, Europe and South America. The ease of language and layout ensured the brand was welcomed warmly and applied with ease across numerous sites.

Following the report, recommendations are made for rationalising existing materials and signage worldwide. Envelope develops and directs the implementation of core materials, and provides direction for the remaining touch-points through a comprehensive brand toolkit.

The brand toolkit’s everyday language empowers all employees and suppliers to get on with their jobs. Used for induction and training, the online tool covers all aspects of the brand from company values to the use of electronic templates as well as standard operating policies and procedures.

Rolling out the brand

Working with project partners Green Team, Envelope develops an internal brand culture campaign to engage employees of both companies, before and after the successful merger.

A national print advertising campaign creates awareness of the new brand.

Employee and shareholder materials are brought in-line with the new brand identity — a new quarterly magazine aims to develop culture and awareness among stakeholders.


As part of the global rollout, a comprehensive signage program was required to systematise the fabrication and installation of signage.

The extensive rollout includes mining sites, administrative buildings and corporate offices across locations from Canada to Tasmania and Laos to Queensland.

A signage audit produces a comprehensive report rationalising existing, disparate sign types into a cohesive system, enabling efficient and cost-effective fabrication and installation at all locations.

Detailed documentation allows individual sites to confidently produce signage — adhering to the new system but allowing location specifics such as non-English languages and regional occupational health and safety regulations.

There is no-one I enjoy working more with on brand than Envelope Group. Ty and his team really understand the craft of brand. From beautiful typography through to clean, fresh imagery and colour palettes, the OZ Minerals brand became an overnight success. Investors loved it, as did the mining media. I’ve worked with Ty and his teams for almost thirty inspiring years. Their service and standards are always impeccable and the results for clients have been exceptional.

— Heather Rose