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The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is Australia’s leading institution for education and training in theatre, film and television. The formation of a centralised marketing department streamlines campaign delivery using a robust print and digital communications architecture.

Community & public
  • Brand identity
  • Campaign identity

Envelope audited disparate student recruitment collateral, rationalising it into a simplified system of integrated printed communications.

Performance season campaigns – including print and online advertising, event programs and promotional posters – celebrate student creativity with the inclusion of their own illustrative and photographic performance imagery.

A print and online campaign targeted at a youth audience promotes NIDA’s summer program. The annual prospectus is distributed to an enthusiastic audience of student hopefuls across the country.

Tight deadlines and fixed budgets are efficiently managed. With each project, NIDA’s brand identity gradually evolves towards a more integrated architecture.

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By streamlining recruitment materials, marketing and the brand identity, Envelope allowed NIDA to reach a wider audience while retaining their fixed deadlines and budgets. How could we help you streamline your organisation’s process?

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