Australian National Academy of Music

The art of performance.

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is the premier institution for classical performance training. After a successful rebrand in 2000, Envelope continues to build ANAM’s story for another seven years.

Arts & culture
  • Brand identity
  • Communications

A musical sine wave gives visual expression to the Academy’s four letter acronym. The accompanying visual language of rhythmic horizontal lines, modulating in thickness, references sheet music and the frequency of sound.

Musicians with an undergraduate qualification attend ANAM for one year to learn the art of performance. Envelope helps develop their self image encouraging musicians to create self portraits executed with Andrew Curtis’ professional expertise. Long before the advent of social media, musicians are in control of their representation. Refreshed annually with each intake, this library eschews the cliché of classical formality. With the addition of written stories in their own words, this talented pool is the primary content of ANAM’s communications.

Marketing collateral is rationalised into a flexible hierarchy ensuring production is efficient, delivering valuable cost benefits for this national institution operating with limited resources. What‘s more it builds confidence in ANAM’s team to deliver, even when deadlines are tight.

Finding your rhythm…

Envelope‘s flexible identity for ANAM ensures each piece of communication is part of a cohesive story. How could our solutions help get your organisation the recognition it deserves?

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