Hobart Baroque

A modern classic

Some might say that launching the first annual early music festival in Australia is no easy task. Unless you’re Leo Schofield that is. Centred around the historic Theatre Royal, Hobart Baroque rapidly established itself as a must in the international baroque festival calendar picking up a Helpmann Award along the way.

Arts & culture
  • Brand identity
  • Communications

Custom calligraphy and bold typography forms the foundation of a brand identity that celebrates performers with heroic photography awash with a vibrant colour scheme. Engaging copy writing retains the attention of prospective audience members.

Hobart Baroque’s small production team is well equipped with the necessary tools to deliver marketing and communications efficiently and cost effectively from a variety of suppliers.

Print advertising reaches the 45,000 readers of Hobart’s Mercury newspaper in Tasmania. Outdoor advertising creates awareness of the festival in other capital cities. Online advertising is deployed for increased audience reach. An elegant souvenir program completes the package.

A modern take on classic…

Envelope created an elegant marque for Hobart Baroque based on the classical typography of the Baroque era. Pairing this with modern colours and features built a vibrant and dynamic identity. How could we bring your cultural heritage to life?

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