Miss Bossy Boots Brand identity

With a name like ‘Miss Bossy Boots’, the brand identity for this manager of photographers, fashion stylists and hair and makeup artists was always going to be a bit irreverent. For its ‘Sweet Sixteenth’ birthday in 2015, a new website was the perfect gift.


The Miss Bossy Boots character and her playful companion ‘kitty’ – originally designed in 2000 by one of Envelope’s longtime collaborators Lee Wong – convey a touch of humour in the otherwise serious business of project managing photographers and their shoots.

Over the years, Miss Bossy Boots’s multiple personas and an expanding family of cartoon characters cheekily inhabit physical and digital communications marketing its services to advertising creatives and production teams.

The responsive design framework of the new website maximises the display of images on all devices with just enough brand presence to make a lasting impression. Built on WordPress, content management is autonomous for Veronica’s capable team. Other digital communications such as electronic newsletters notify dedicated followers of fresh site content. In the physical world, a generous, large format printed broadsheet reinforces the passion and dedication of the entire Miss Bossy Boots family.

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