Handmark Gallery

A personal touch

With increasing interest from interstate and international collectors, Handmark’s brand identity reflects the pedigree of its stable of over 100 Tasmanian artists, jewellers, furniture and object designers, as well as the expertise of its team of arts consultants.

Arts & culture
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Packaging
  • Signage

Envelope invites each artist to art-direct a photograph of their hand, which is paired with portrait photography, emphasising the handmade nature of their individual practice.

Classical black and white photography is complimented by a vibrant colour palette. A modular visual language of interlocking frames delineates information across printed and digital mediums.

Gift wrapping and packaging solutions further promote Handmark’s exquisite range of jewellery and objects.

Flexible, easy-to-use electronic templates facilitate efficient production by Handmark’s in-house team of a streamlined marketing and communications library. A completely redesigned gallery display system including clear and succinct artwork and jewellery signage completes the package.

A digital presence

The flexibility of Handmark’s new brand architecture is proven on its website, a critically important tool for engaging collectors – whether they be Tasmanian or from further afield

Framed differently…

Envelope took time to get to know the people behind Handmark‘s unique offering. Our understanding of the diverse talent behind the name helped Handmark build an identity which connected with artists and customers alike. How could our personal touch help your organisation build an identity?

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