Meaghan White Architect

A human touch

Design & construct
  • Brand identity
  • Website

Befitting the bespoke output of her studio, a custom typeface reflects the detailed involvement in every aspect of Meaghan’s projects. A simple folded black sheet of paper further reinforces the hand touch.

A portfolio website provides a valuable bank of case studies, demonstrating Meaghan’s growing catalogue of successful projects. Each case study is complimented by insights from delighted clients, exemplifying Meaghan’s personal approach.

Generous imagery and use of the custom brand typography underpin a simple but effective marketing tool. A drag-and-drop content management system ensures the studio can keep visitors up to date while maintaining a busy schedule.

Making a mark…

Each of Meaghan White’s architectural projects begin with a simple pencil stroke — Envelope built this very idea into the fabric of her brand, creating a unique identity with individuality in each letter. How could we help you identify your uniqueness?

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