Architects Without Frontiers

Building for change

Architects Without Frontiers uses sustainable design to deliver health and education projects in vulnerable communities across the globe. Through AWF’s network of socially conscious Australian architects and designers, the lives of thousands have been transformed by its humanitarian projects.

Community & public
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Website
The resources to succeed

Autonomy and efficiency are critical for the ongoing management of AWF’s communications. Envelope’s solution comprises a flexible system, providing for the uniform documentation of projects, partners and news. Implementing this saves AWF significant time ensuring its limited resources are focussed on its mission to transform lives.

Brand elements are carefully considered and applied with consistency.

Ty and his team rationalised AWF’s communications into an efficient, easy to use architecture for our own team to use, saving time and money for an organisation with limited resources.”

Simple materials, memorable outcomes

A broadsheet, which doubles as a promotional poster, conveys the complete AWF story. Designed to be folded to A5 size it becomes the folder for a selection of case-studies, chosen specifically for the intended recipient. The complete package is ready for cost-effective posting to potential donors and partners.

A digital brochure provides a handy breakdown of the organisations strengths and abilities for prospective partners. The template is adapted for prospective clients.

Reaching the world

AWF commissioned Envelope to redevelop its online presence. A new website focusses on providing up-to-date information for AWF’s worldwide stakeholders and potential clients. A user-friendly content management system allows its small team to readily manage the site.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ty for more than twenty years, during which he has worked with us to create and develop the AWF brand, and helped us to achieve significant corporate sponsorship and public interest. He is a great listener, designer and supporter for all of us working on design for the other ninety-percent!”

— Esther Charlesworth