Apollo Projects

Space to breathe

Apollo Projects is a developer of architect-designed, luxury residences located in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs.

Design & construct
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Website

Since 2007, Envelope has combined site specific photography with custom copywriting to deliver placemaking at a residential scale.

Apollo’s brand mark is a prominent aspect of the identity, designed to be used alone, or as a container for the library of location photography.

Drawing on nautical themes inspired by a library of Andrew Curtis photography, Apollo Projects’ brand architecture allows for a range of expressions across physical and digital communications.

Secondary images help to illustrate life in the bayside suburbs and help Apollo appeal to potential residents from far and wide.

Large format, printed project marketing brochures are generous and expansive, reflecting the architectural intent of each residence.

A streamlined website showcases the portfolio of projects to prospective buyers. Built with bi-lingual pages, the site enables Apollo to reach lucrative international markets.

Part of the furniture…

Envelope has established a long-standing relationship with Apollo Projects, developing marketing communications for each new project. The flexibility and range of our identity for Apollo ensures each project feels fresh and relevant to its target audience. How could a communication strategy help you increase the reach of your business?

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