Commitment in action

Liontown Resources is a lithium exploration and development company with a Tier-1 discovery at its flagship project in Western Australia.

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Envelope partnered with longterm strategic collaborator Marian Gruber, of ZOOiD Communications, to produce Liontown’s inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

Liontown‘s core corporate values are tangibly combined to bring its ESG commitments to life with engaging team portraits, and bespoke site photography by Tony McDonough of Raw Image.

People, place and story are used as a contextual framework for the 65 page ESG report — breathing life into the facts and illustrating the figures.

A suite of icons are redrawn to more accurately represent the diverse and forward looking organisation.

Individual members of Liontown’s diverse team provide personal reflections on the core values — punctuating this important investor relations publications.

The close collaboration allows formal and complex data to be articulated in an engaging, information driven format which speaks to all stakeholders.

Ty and his team just get it! Envelope’s design of our inaugural ESG report has the look and feel of a company that is on a journey, knows where it wants to go, and understands what is important. Exactly what our brief requested.

— Adam Smits