Studio by Signature Floors

Innovation through understanding

Signature Studio is a bespoke service that facilitates the creation of custom carpet designs that were inconceivable just a few years ago. Signature Floors approached Envelope with an invitation: learn its craft, then develop a brief to inspire architects and interior designers to imagine.

Design & construct
  • Campaign identity
  • Communications
  • Packaging

Inspiration can strike in unlikely places...

The humble pencil is often an architect’s tool of choice to capture the essence of an idea. Envelope’s campaign illustrates the pure fundamentals of three dimensional space, using hand-drawn lines in an infinite space. Designers are invited to put down the tools of technology and dream. Taking their inspiration from nature, abstraction and our built world.

Envelope develops a tone of voice for Signature which helps them stand out in a competitive marketplace and speak to a discerning architecture community.

Envelope collaborator Cate Rayson’s poetic copywriting positions each of the five carpet categories — encapsulating their feel, luxury, precision, durability and flexibility.

Hero images embody core qualities, complemented by abstract carpet designs created in collaboration with Signature’s own talented in-house design team.

A catalogue printed by our talented collaborators at Southern Colour features specialist printing techniques, gatefold page spreads and is expertly colour matched to the Signature palette.

Signature’s sales team have access to a suite of digital presentation assets — for individual customisation by its in-house team.

Campaign deliverables include a superbly executed bespoke samples box, cloth bound and screen printed to encapsulate the simplicity and purity of a design sketch.

A process as unique as you are…

Signature Floors asked Envelope to learn its craft, inside and out — then build a brief which championed its bespoke product line. How could fresh eyes find your organisation’s signature values?

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