Epicure Cosmeceuticals

More than skin-deep

Since 2008, when Envelope helped successfully launch Epicure into a highly competitive marketplace, the range has grown into a sophisticated, cosmeceutical blend of nature’s finest ingredients. Resulting in a scientifically proven skincare range of discerning connoisseurs who take skincare very seriously.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Packaging
  • Website
Fresh foundations

Pure. Powerful. Proven. It’s a bold claim but one that Envelope reinforces with precise typography, logical information hierarchies and a unique but virtual model of a raspberry as a centrepiece of the brand. The model allows viewing from any angle and sophisticated lighting controls, something stock imagery simply could not match. Combined, these concise elements form the foundation of Epicure’s brand identity.

Packaging is elegant and refined with an intentionally minimalist and technical aesthetic. Large numerical codes differentiate product SKUs, further individualised by a contrasting but complementary colour scheme. Embellishments such as a reflective mirrored box face are meaningful rather than just decorative.

A secondary visual language of ingredient abstractions provides an infinite array of perspectives, readily available for digital and physical communications alike.

A comprehensive printed flagship catalogue brings together the complete range in a readily accessible format. Cate Rayson’s engaging copywriting positions Epicure as the skin care for connoisseurs who reject fad technologies, gimmicks and unproven claims.

Envelope’s elegantly conceived website is concise, rational and features logical navigation for visitors new and old. Built on the popular Shopify platform, the business is supported by convenient inventory and e-commerce features which simplify the day-to-day operations.

Right from the very beginning of Epicure, Envelope has been integral to the success of our brand. I love working with Ty as his insights into the industry ensure Epicure always stands apart from our competitors. We initially asked for a logo and packaging and over the years we now have an integrated brand story across all our channels from the all-important packaging to our website and everything in between.”

— Natalie Braic