Bin Dixon-Ward

Bin Dixon-Ward is a digital craftsperson with an intimate relationship with her materials and tools. Her brand identity and communications need to be as polymorphic as the exquisite objects she creates.

Our approach

Understanding Bin’s practice requires deep immersion in her imagined world of abandoned factories and industrial sites, sweeping concrete overpasses and even the topography of the city from above. Serious stuff until you get to know Bin’s sense of humour and the playfulness that is embodied in much of her work.

Drawing from the complex geometric language and rich colour palette of Bin’s practice her initials — BDW — are abstracted into a playful logo with infinite executions.

A body of existing photography is rationalised into a succinct library providing a complete view of the breadth of Bin’s work.

Simple templates for business cards, postcards and exhibition catalogues are designed for the launch of new identity but importantly for Bin’s autonomous use in the future.

The website is a succinct and easily navigated central repository built on a SilverStrip content management system also providing ease of use for this busy artisan.

Brand strategy
Brand identity 

We also developed a brand identity for contemporary jewellers Blanche Tilden and communications for Gallery Funaki.