Phoebe Porter Brand Identity

Phoebe Porter is a contemporary jeweller based in Canberra, Australia. After designing her first brand identity in 2007 Envelope was invited to collaborate on a new brand identity with a comprehensive website as its centrepiece. 

Our approach

Phoebe’s practice is strongly influenced by the Bauhaus and Constructivist movements, striving for order and balance and seeking to reduce each piece to its necessary elements. 

This philosophy informed the development of a geometric visual language which forms the basis of the new brand architecture.

Classical black and white portraiture displays Phoebe's jewellery elegantly on the body, highlighting a restrained colour palette.

The information architecture of the site allows Phoebe's work to be navigated in a logical fashion, with a concise hierarchy for the display of images and text content.

Built on a SilverStripe platform the site is easily maintained with full autonomy, enabling Phoebe to concentrate on the more important tasks at hand.

Brand strategy
Brand identity

We also developed brand identities for contemporary jewellers Bin Dixon-Ward and Blanche Tilden.