An uncommon history

Asialink has a long history of using creativity to build cultural bridges between Australia and Asia. To commemorate 30 years of soft diplomacy, Envelope delivers this uncommon history in a long-format magazine.

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It’s not often a client invites you back after a 25 year hiatus but Ty was delighted to be asked, having developed communications for Asialink at Emery Vincent Design in the early 90s.

Asialink was considering a video but Envelope had something else in mind — a printed magazine akin to Dumbo Feather, a quarterly which collates conversations with extraordinary people.

Ty conceptualised how the history of Asialink could be presented, made a compelling case for a book rather than a video, and committed himself to bring it to beautiful life in every way.”

Asialink’s history is best told by its own brand ambassadors. All visionary people, some there from its inception, others with more recent stories to tell.

The ambassador interviews, conducted in person by ABC journalist Ali Moore, are presented together with personal portraits by Garry Moore. Asialink’s home — the Sidney Myer Asia Centre by architects Nation Fender Katsalidis — provides the perfect backdrop. Envelope’s design punctuates 30 years of visual and oral history with these very personal perspectives.

A chronological timeline of events sets out the history in an easy-to-navigate format that also doubles as the magazine’s contents page.

Handsomely printed by the diligent hands at Southern Colour, this magazine is distributed to Asialink’s sponsors, funders, partners and donors throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Ty is a consummate professional — creative, expert and thoughtful. He is always finely attuned to his client’s needs, taking time to understand the context of the task and respond with deep consideration and creative flair. I worked closely with Ty to produce this 30 year history book of a national organisation with a rich diversity of stakeholders, from business to education, The Arts and civil society. The elegant design spoke to each and every one of them, capturing the scope and complexity of our work through brilliant use of image and story.”

— Kathe Kirby

Editor, Asialink An Uncommon History, Shaping our Future. Executive Director Asialink and Asia Education Foundation at The University of Melbourne 1993-2018.