Agora Asset Management Brand identity

Agora Asset Management is a boutique, specialist equities fund manager based in Melbourne. With references to the Greek heritage of their name, the brand identity brings Agora’s core values to life.


Agora’s core values — knowledge, skill, diligence and performance — inform a suite of brand images depicting olympic sportspeople in action. Working closely with Cate Rayson, a system of interchangeable branding statements is created which inform all of Agora’s communications — physical and digital.

Investor relation documents such as Agora's annual information memorandum are elegantly presented in a highly readable format together with clear and succinct user friendly forms. 

Monthly reports, generated in-house by Agora’s own team, use a succinct Microsoft Word template to rapidly transpose up-to-the-moment market information for distribution by email to selected clients.

Large scale, framed prints of the brand images extend the identity into Agora’s office environment.

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Brand identity