Beyond expectations

For more than a decade, Envelope continued to refine a story that began with a rebrand and culminated with a streamlined brand strategy, marketing and design system.

Design & construct
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Packaging

A bold positioning statement: ‘beyond expectations’ communicates Atkar’s brand essence with a suite of intriguing marketing images illustrating its core products — construction and acoustics.

Marketing collateral is unified but flexible allowing for rapid and cost-effective deployment. Architectural case studies feature Andrew Curtis photography. Packaging solutions spread the brand further afield.

Detailed internal and external research and comprehensive competitor analysis informs the project brief. Envelope’s marketing strategy rationalises separate product and service offerings into a cohesive system.

Print, digital, single or full colour — Atkar’s brand story is powerfully communicated across all channels.


Envelope names and designs a new sub-brand hierarchy to identify Atkar’s streamlined product range. A previously complex array of printed materials is streamlined into a concise range of product brochures including Atkar’s economical Quantum range and a comprehensive catalogue of its Infinity range.


Atkar supplies a diverse range of building products. For its catalogue, Envelope unified the display of more than 500 products with a library of precise technical illustrations. Detailed photography is used to faithfully reproduce each product in electronic vector format. Image files are also efficiently produced for Atkar’s website.

A brand with two voices…

Throughout a decade of collaboration and campaigns, Envelope successfully positioned Atkar as an industry leader to its architectural and construction audiences. We helped Atkar find its voice in both sectors, while staying true to its own standard-setting philosophy. How could we help you speak to a new audience?

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