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Crafting the message

Damien Wright is an award-winning furniture designer and craftsman acclaimed for his unique ‘whole tree’ approach to furniture design. An urgent request for a new website when his existing site was hacked morphs into a brand strategy to clearly communicate Damien’s unique practice.

Design & construct
  • Brand identity
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I have spent a lifetime defining and communicating what I do. I have tried several times largely on my own to develop a brand that reflects my practice. And every second of it I have felt lost and vulnerable. Borderline illiterate in digital technology, highly suspicious of self promotion yet vain and needy and always too busy designing and making to step away and clearly view what I do.”

— Damien Wright

Full immersion in Damien’s workshop instills Envelope with a deep understanding of his practice distilling his voice into a visual language of typographic symbols that are both historic and contemporary.

These symbols embody Damien’s design language of rare joinery techniques such as blind-mitred dovetails and thick veneering. The exclamation mark is not shouting, it’s emphatic. Just like Damien is when he speaks about the thinking behind the making.

This is where Envelope stepped up. Ty actually sought to understand my practice and person in all its complexity giving the time and energy plus the intellectual and creative commitment necessary to distil 30 years of output and articulate a brand. I am so buried inside my work that I could not see the wood for the trees to create a visual language to communicate what I do. Envelope could. To me this is an act of grace.”


A simple toolkit of physical and digital communications that encourage reading provides Damien with just the right mix to start conversations with potential clients. After all, one of his signature designs is called the Reading Chair.

Then comes the digital technology side. For me this elicits an overwhelming feeling of incompetence and frustration that I deal with by going back to the endless analogue world of making furniture. Of lifting heavy things. So the branding never gets done. Ty and Graham held my hand all the way from St Kilda to Scotland through the design and making of the web site. Both Ty and Graham were incredibly patient, accepting and encouraging. They walked with me through the making.”


It’s one thing to design a website for a client, it’s another thing altogether to deliver a platform that is easy to use and maintain. Envelope’s elegant custom build provides visitors with an experience of discovery and wonder… not unlike stepping into Damien’s actual workshop.

Now I not only have a ripper new web site, new business cards and a catalogue with which I am very pleased but I also have a new sense of clarity about what it is that I do. I am truly thankful for what this collaboration with Envelope has brought to my work.”

— Damien Wright

Sparking a conversation…

Damien’s practice is built around the act of conversation. Posing questions, seeking answers, finding common ground. Damien’s brand identity brings conversation and craft together using his unique voice. How can we help find your individual voice?

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