Tapestry Design Prize

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Established in 2015, the biennial Australian Tapestry Design Prize for Architects attracts entries from all over the world. The inaugural prize was awarded to John Wardle Architects. Subsequently Justin Hill won in 2016, Pop Architecture + Hotham Street Ladies in 2018, Ground Under Repair in 2021 and most recently Beth George + Emerald Wise in 2023.

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David Walsh’s brief suggests Étienne-Louis Boullée’s Cenotaph for Isaac Newton, a structure impossible to build when conceived, as the hypothetical site for this year’s Tapestry Design Prize for Architects.


Ground Under Repair (Australia) won the Tapestry Design Prize 2021 with ‘Time Shouts’.

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Envelope‘s considered and succinct publications for the Tapestry Design Prize allows each selection from the spectrum of tapestry works to be seen, heard and understood. How could we help your organisation craft a publication worth reading?

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