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Place. People. Story.

For 30 years plus, Vivien Anderson Gallery has been dedicated to ensuring visitors enter a welcoming and supportive environment to experience contemporary Indigenous art, enabling them to gain an insight into the creative inspiration of the exhibiting artists, their culture, and the importance of their professional work in the broader national conversation.

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‘Place’ and ‘People’ are cornerstones of Envelope’s brand strategy which informs the cataloguing of 30 years of artistic practice into a conversation between gallery, artists and visitors.


Indigenous storytelling is intrinsically linked to Country. Iconic landscapes, idiosyncratic to each artist powerfully illustrate where their stories are created.


Every artist has a unique story to tell about their practice in their own words. Informal, editorial-style portraits provide a human face.

My art is about regenerating cultural practises, making people aware of, you know, our culture, and that we are a really strong culture, and that we haven’t lost anything; I think they’ve just been, some of these practises have been laying dormant for a while.”

— Maree Clarke

I paint in my own personal space where I feel most comfortable including my back veranda, in the dry river beds… the camp sites that my families have lived and spent time for thousands of years. I will take time to look at the miniature things, the tiny little things that nature hides.”

— Naomi Hobson

My art practice reveals the continued presence and patterns of First Nations knowledge, history and culture in the contemporary Australian landscape despite ongoing interventions.”

— Kent Morris


Envelope’s range of practical solutions, is designed to harmonise gallery operations for efficient in-house production of ongoing communications. The result? Vivien and her team enjoy more time engaging with curious visitors: explaining and expanding understanding; doing what they do best — storytelling.

All artworks, portraits and landscape photography provided courtesy of Vivien Anderson Gallery, and the respective artists.

Evolution not revolution.

The gallery’s existing logo is built on solid typographic foundations which Envelope evolves into a highly flexible architecture. This new visual language provides for a hierarchy of information to be consistently displayed in physical and digital communications.

A monogram that harks back to the original logo’s influences from the Wiener Werkstätte movement is an added expression of the new identity.


The gallery enjoys a significant street presence on St Kilda Road at a busy intersection with four lanes of traffic constantly pausing — especially during the evening drive time peak. Envelope capitalises on this opportunity by unifying two previously separate building façades into a single advertising billboard. An initial launch campaign across industry journals, socials and this new canvas deliberately questions potential visitors with a simple call to action — ‘Curious?’.

Subsequent exhibition campaigns employ vibrant block colours and irreverent headlines to further provoke a now curious public.


Physical communications provide the perfect respite from an increasingly noisy digital realm. The gallery is equipped with a new toolkit — exhibition catalogues, gallery price lists, artist postcards and CVs — designed for efficient production by its in-house team.

After making so many decisions about the business by myself for three decades, the recent decision to expand the gallery footprint and regenerate the website, required fresh ideas. I decided to contact Ty. He is a creative, imaginative, and strategic thinker who embraces learning all of the complexities of your business. The first concept reveal was like a reawakening, we were so excited. The finale has us all invested in a bolder, centred, and confident future for the gallery and the artists we exhibit and represent.”

— Vivien Anderson

Continuing the conversation.

The new website operates as a communications hub for the gallery — previewing upcoming exhibitions and building editorial narratives around those on show; allowing for artists’ own context; and providing a generous framework for thousands of works exhibited over the gallery’s more than 30 year history.

The website creates an exciting new space for longer, editorial-style artist profiles, exhibition essays and news items. Together with the physical galleries, this digital hub forms an important part of the conversation-starting programme hosted by the artists, gallery team and other contributors.

Detailed artwork information and availability indicators help to encourage visitors to make enquiries. A centralised database of artworks ensures the team can quickly update the status of available pieces.

Details about the relevant artwork are automatically included when an enquiry is made, streamlining engagement with potential clients.

Facilitating conversastion…

For more than 30 years Vivien Anderson has listened to the stories of her extraordinary stable of contemporary Indigenous artists. Envelope also listened intently to understand how this highly respected gallery could reimagine its story. How could Envelope help reimagine your brand story to reach a wider audience?

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