VIVID 202 by Signature Floors

What’s your colour signature?

We all have our own personal signature and colour is one of the most powerful tools to express it. When Signature Floors doubled its colour choices, Envelope delivered a distinctly personal campaign.

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Every person has a unique fingerprint. Stylised and washed with an infinite spectrum of colour, this instantly recognisable symbol is the foundation of the campaign.

The power of colour to transform spaces, places and even people is the introduction to a very individual story.

Signature’s customers are primarily architects and interior designers. This finely crafted story appeals directly to something they value above all else… their individuality.

The awesome beauty of the natural world is the perfect stimulant for creative imaginations. The diversity that exists in the human race is represented with an extra focus on personal expression. How we express our personality contributes to making everyone a unique individual.


Only tech giants want us to believe that print is dead. When speaking to those that build machines for living and working in, a physical catalogue will always garner more attention than a fleeting email.

The physical world is also the only place to accurately control colour representation room photography and the all important 202 colour swatches.

Signature’s own team feature in stylised environments that reflect their individuality. Perfect content for social platforms.


Finally, the most important tool for specifying colour is the VIVID 202 colour swatch kit. Working closely with Signature’s preferred supplier, Envelope creates a signature expression for the 202 story which demands attention in busy architectural studios.

Colour balance...

Envelope helped Signature redefine its colour story with a campaign that celebrates individual style. How could we help capture the hearts and minds of your customers?

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