Louise Forthun

Life on the grid

Melbourne based visual artist Louise Forthun creates paintings and works on paper, often based on city landscapes and urban horizons.

Arts & culture
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
  • Website

A career spanning library of artwork photography, rationalised into a cohesive archive, forms the foundation of an elegant website and brochure. Background images are carefully curated to create a visual brand narrative illustrating Louise’s unique artistic practice.

A typographic word mark that acts as a mask for Louise’s work is the perfect, flexible solution for a timeless brand identity.

Work is chronologically ordered within a navigation system that is logical and easy to use.

Catalogues are efficiently produced using a structured grid to effectively display visual and written exhibition content. Their generous broadsheet format allows them to double as souvenir posters of the exhibition.

Hoddle-style harmony

Louise has a vast, visually intricate and detailed catalogue of work. Envelope was tasked with bringing cohesion to a comprehensive catalogue of her work — and allowing each piece to be heard in the process. How could a crafted portfolio chart your practice to date, and help you develop it into the future?

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