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kit was different from its competitors. Home to some of the most sought after and hard-to-get skin, hair and body products from around the globe, the stores are a fusion of design, fashion and architecture. It’s a new- generation experience that required a fresh take on branding.

Retail & hospitality
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Campaign strategy
  • Communications
  • Packaging

kit’s brand identity is influenced by traditional typesetting and early 20th century propaganda posters. Red, black and white keeps things simple but noticeable. Cliché beauty images are avoided. Polaroids, magazine clippings, and objects collected from global travels populate a brand image that is used across all marketing materials.

A hand-made, photocopied, PR kit – found images, collaged together with hand-drawn scribbles and a strong typographic structure – express the brand essence. Importantly, nothing lines up exactly.

Marketing materials reinforce this ‘hand-made’ theme. kit’s own signature line of products avoids superfluous packaging.

Ty was there for the very kernel of the KIT idea forming, and he breathed life into every aspect of it. Its branding and spirit is as relevant now as when it launched over 15 years ago and we have Envelope to thank for that — and thank them we do!

— Jo Horgan