Icon Co

Onwards and upwards

With a new name and a bold brand architecture, Envelope equipped Icon Co for its expansion along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Design & construct
  • Brand identity
  • Communications

Working closely with Icon’s founders a bold positioning statement ‘Thinking Icon’ establishes clear differentiation from competitors. An additional statement, ‘Growing Together’ welcomes new members to the Icon family.

Building on Icon’s passion for its existing brand identity, Envelope evolves the logo, developing an expanded brand architecture, complemented by powerful project photography by Andrew Curtis.

Utilitarian tools such as staff notebooks become ubiquitous marketing tools.

An extensive shoot in Melbourne and Sydney documents Icon’s impressive body of completed projects. A library of dynamic construction worker photography at Icon building sites adds a human dimension.

Equipped with a robust and flexible suite of Envelope publication templates, Icon Co’s in-house marketing team produce tender proposals and project case studies efficiently and cost effectively.

When the sky’s the limit…

Envelope helped Icon make the most of its merger, creating a suite of marketing assets to communicate a new brand positioning — building a strong union between two of Australia’s largest construction firms. How could we help build your brand?

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