Cancer Council

Leading the fight

In the lead up to amalgamating into a national body, Envelope rationalised Cancer Council’s communications with a flexible brand strategy and architecture.

Community & public
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Communications

Refining an icon

The existing logo was refreshed with a simplified rendering, a new vibrant colour palette and a concise typographic hierarchy. The primary positioning statement, ‘Leading the fight’ is elegantly expressed using a classical typeface in a contemporary configuration.

A new umbrella brand architecture unified and harmonised individual program sub-brands into a system which leverages equity into the Council’s master brand.

Major strategic partnerships are leveraged to create benefit for both parties. Consistent and appropriate integration with the Cancer Council Victoria brand harmonises disparate identities.

A uniform approach to the display of contact details helps the Council to build recognition and familiarity.

Brand engagement is critical to the success of any new system. An online brand toolkit that uses everyday language to communicate the principles of the brand engages all employees, not just those in marketing.

Production of the enormous range of publications by the Council’s inhouse design unit is streamlined using flexible templates to deliver valuable cost savings.

Nurturing growth…

Envelope’s thoughtful solution for an iconic Australian charity provided the resources needed to build public awareness and ensure continuity across its diverse activities. How could we help generate awareness for your organisation?

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