Australian Musical Theatre Festival

Share the stage

A big little festival of musical theatre in Launceston, Tasmania, ready to share the stage with national and international audiences.

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Envelope really listened to our brief and in doing so created a brand identity that elevates us to national arts and culture standing. The tools and guidance provided made creating content hassle free streamlining the rollout of the 2024 campaign across all deliverables. Even the odd ‘SOS’ email was sorted immediately. Envelope understood the message and crafted solutions to share on every stage.”

—— Sam Leaman, Strategic Marketing Consultant

Broad stakeholder research of the local community delivers a brand story infused with all that Launceston has to offer. Its rich history of theatrical performance dates back to the late 1800s bookended with a thriving contemporary scene. The journey from past to present (and beyond) is encapsulated with distinctive parentheses representing different epochs in music theatre. A sumptuous autumn spectrum creates a visual tapestry that befits the time of year.

Eschewing sequins and feathers, the 2024 campaign invites audiences to ‘Share the Stage’ with performers young and old. Whether it’s a social post or street posters the message is finely tuned for the medium.

Flexible storytelling

Every performance needs to sing with its own voice. But the Festival brand story needs to be visually cohesive. That‘s where a hierarchy of complementary typographic styles combines with a uniform approach to imagery to showcase unique voices within a harmonious chorus.

Broadway and the West End each have their own visual storytelling steeped in history. Australian audiences can see the big shows in the capital cities, they know the stories and they mostly want to see them told faithfully. But this big little festival in Launceston wants to chart the future of musical theatre. That’s why its performances intentionally deconstruct the genre, inviting new audiences in for a surprising experience.

Envelope shone a spotlight on Launceston and this festival’s unique qualities. How can we help put your brand centre stage?

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