Wearing Country

A timely collaboration.

Maram Barerarerungar — Wearing Country symbolises the union of two extraordinary artistic communicators.

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Maree Clarke explores the world’s museums for the ceremonial materials lost to her people through the intensive colonial occupation of the south east of Australia. Blanche Tilden is renowned as a passionate and knowledgeable creator of wearable glass jewellery, inspired by architecture and science, she is cognisant of the role glass has played in the examination of otherness throughout history.

— Vivien Anderson
Refined skills.

Envelope’s brand identity for this unique collaboration harmonises two distinct voices within a cohesive and flexible visual language. Hand drawn line work contrasts with technically precise geometry. Idiosyncratic typefaces reflect each artist’s personal practice.

A catalogue combines Simon Anderson’s personal portraits of Maree’s relatives with Andrew Curtis’ technically detailed jewellery photographs. Artist perspectives in their own words complete the story of this compelling collaboration.

Stories told differently…

Understanding the individual practice of two unique artists delivered a harmonious brand story. How could Envelope help communicate your artistic practice?

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