Ten Days

Bringing Tasmanians together

After almost two decades showcasing Tasmania’s finest artists alongside the world’s best, and with Lindy Hume’s new artistic vision, Envelope evolves the Ten Days brand to celebrate the inhabitants of Tasmania’s Northwest, Northeast and Southern heartlands.

Arts & culture
  • Brand identity
  • Communications
A proud identity

Working to a brief to celebrate these regions, Envelope reimagines Ten Days’ logo as a three dimensional compass to be worn as a badge of honour for the inhabitants of each heartland. The proud expression of this belonging forms the basis of the festival’s marketing campaign.

A contemporary wireframe representing the island’s mountainous topography links each heartlands’ communities and its inhabitants. This wireframe forms part of an extended branding language linking disparate artist photography into a cohesive narrative.

A simple identification system allows visitors to quickly put together their programme, based on location. By building the programme around location, rather than subject, patrons are encouraged to try something new and enjoy everything the festival has to offer.

Envelope’s re-crafting of the brand brought to life our new iteration as an epic adventure, over three weekends in the three regional heartlands of Tasmania.”

— Jane Haley

A brand toolkit with robust and flexible design templates provide autonomy for Ten Days’ dynamic in-house team to develop a wide range of digital and physical communications under Envelope’s art direction, maximising the festival’s valuable resources.

Envelope’s comprehensive design toolkit enables our in-house team to implement the design across a very wide range of promotional and marketing collateral – digital, social and physical. This ensures brand integrity and consistency and helps to manage costs and time whilst based in different states.”

— Jane Haley

Envelope’s comprehensive design toolkit allows the Ten Days’ team to produce on-brand assets for social media and informs the design direction of a locally produced website.

Each festival, a Tasmanian jeweller is commissioned to produce a limited edition brooch inspired by the logo. For 2019, Charles Wyatt, represented by Handmark Gallery, produces a stunning incarnation in sterling silver.

Ten Days on the Island met Envelope almost by chance … but there was an immediate connection. They responded thoughtfully and positively to our desire to build on the identity of Ten Days which, after almost 20 years, has enormous brand profile and loyalty.”

— Jane Haley