Naomi Hobson

There’s no place like home.

Naomi Hobson is a multidisciplinary Australian contemporary Indigenous artist telling stories through paintings, ceramics and photography.

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Naomi’s work is rooted is the vast traditional lands of her ancestors, surrounding the town of Coen in Queensland. She explores her culture and community through different mediums — always underpinned by colourful compositions. Envelope’s brand identity for Naomi pairs a succinct typographic system with a tropical spectrum inspired by the colours of her home.

A comprehensive website gives space to Naomi’s practice populated with critical texts and images that represent her Country and her culture.

Adolescent Wonderland is a documentary photographic essay of the lives of Naomi’s extended family in Coen in far north Queensland. From an open brief to capture the essence of this joyous body of work, Envelope produced a 160 page limited edition hard-cover book bound in hot, ‘poptastic’ pink linen. Metallic foiled typography adds some extra sparkle.

Living in colour

Deep listening resulted in a physical and digital presence that perfectly encapsulates Naomi’s practice. How can we help your story come to life?

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