VECCI Brand identity

The Victorian Employers’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a private member organisation made up of Victorian businesses. Envelope’s brand identity evolution simplified sub-brands and streamlined the production of marketing communications.


The existing logo is evolved into a dynamic new symbol matched with a friendlier lower-case alphabet. The latter is also used to create sub-brands bringing cohesion to a previously disparate array of sub-brand logos.

Business operations are simplified into six divisions differentiated by a vibrant colour scheme and illustrated with custom designed imagery featuring the new logo abstracted within VECCI’s operational landscape.

An engaging brand toolkit written in every day language unifies marketing teams delivering brand cohesion across a geographically dispersed network. This valuable company asset reduces demands on its busy marketing department, empowering staff to create their own materials.

An internal culture campaign with a ‘life saver’ theme launches the toolkit through a series of events and competitions encouraging employees to engage and develop pride in the new brand.

Envelope also provided a comprehensive printed publication hierarchy streamlining the production of communications by VECCI’s in-house graphic design team.

Brand identity
Brand toolkit
Publication architecture

We developed a brand identity, with digital and print communications, for social scientist KAL Analysis.