Studio Haçienda Brand identity

Studio Haçienda is a Melbourne-based jewellery collective. Named after Manchester’s legendary Haçienda nightclub in the UK, the new identity needed to be unique whilst paying respect to the nightclub’s own bold graphic design language.


The language of safety hazard graphics, with its yellow and black colour scheme inspires the development of the new brand identity. Following a modernist tradition, Helvetica is the cornerstone of Studio Haçienda’s communications.

Photocopied jewellery components combine with bold two-colour graphics to create a strong visual language.

Flexible electronic templates allow for efficient day-to-day inhouse production reducing costs for this small collective. Exhibition invitations and signage are also cost effectively produced.

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Electronic templates
Marketing communications
Exhibition Signage

We also developed a brand identity for contemporary jeweller Blanche Tilden's personal practice.