MMG Safety Campaign

MMG (Mines and Minerals Group) purchased the bulk of OZ Minerals’ assets. After a successful rebrand of its national and international operations — delivered in a very short timeframe — an internal campaign educates the workforce on the importance of safety.


Working with an existing logo, a new brand identity is created for all aspects of MMG’s operations. From bilingual business cards to signs across multiple geographic locations, the scope of the task is not unlike the size of this Chinese mining giant.

A comprehensive brand toolkit educates employees on the new identity helping to reduce strain on a relatively small marketing team.

Created in collaboration with project partners, Green Team, the ‘Stop and Think’ safety campaign connects with local employees using culturally specific imagery and messages. 

Large format posters and external billboards provide maximum exposure to influence a change in behaviour. Brochures produced individually in Laotian, Indonesian and English outline values and actions for improving site safety.

Brand identity 
Brand toolkit

We also developed a brand identity and global signage program for OZ Minerals.