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Gallery Funaki is one of Melbourne’s leading contemporary jewellery galleries. Envelope’s minimalist word-mark and elegant typographical stationery transcends fashions and is designed with longevity in mind.

Envelope collaborated closely with the gallery to create a cohesive packaging system — implementing a range of stackable boxes, in various sizes to maximise compact storage space.
The Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery is a biennial event drawing makers from across the globe. An elegant graphic alludes to the global nature of the Mari Funaki network. A folded brochure features an essay on Mari Funaki’s legacy and details on the judging panel — Simone LeAmon, Catherine Truman and Kate Rhodes.
Disparate photography of individual works is collected and rationalised into a cohesive and dynamic system to form the backdrop of a large format promotional poster.

Elegy is an exhibition of mourning jewellery by 12 Australian women artists, reflecting on the loss of ecology and biodiversity. Envelope’s design solution features the five stages of grief, delicately expressed in finally dotted lines that carefully embrace the theme of reflection and lament.

Envelope refined Funaki’s day-to-day communications through an elegant suite of branded assets and packaging solutions, designed with longevity in mind. How could we help streamline your communications?

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