Family Peace Foundation Brand identity

Frank Walker built his National Tiles success story almost entirely using radio advertising. Envelope’s brand architecture for Frank’s new philanthropic foundation relies on a universal symbol to build brand awareness — the human smile.


Presented with a vision to ensure peaceful family upbringings for every Australian child, Envelope's brand story delivers the message of strengthening families through the smiles of individual family members.

A simple graphic motif — the speech bubble — carries texts that reinforce the message... it’s in their smiles. Engaging photography of family members, representing the diverse spectrum of contemporary Australian society, add a human face to the story.

Naturally for Frank Walker, a national radio advertising campaign drives traffic to a comprehensive but succinct website presence.

The site features videos art directed by Envelope and produced by Two Tractors with expert psychologists Michael Carr-Greg and Sabina Reid informing and educating families.

Print and online advertising templates ensure the message is communicated consistently.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity

We have also developed a brand identity for the Victoria Law Foundation and campaigns for Vision Australia.