Design Canberra Festival 2019 Limited Edition Print

Design Canberra’s 2019 theme of ‘Utopia’ celebrates the centenary of the Bauhaus.



Our Approach

Phoebe Porter created Elements of Balance as the signature artwork for the 2019 Design Canberra Festival. 

Phoebe states... ‘The work is a meditation on balance: visual, physical and philosophical, that can be seen as an optimistic statement about how we strive for a harmony of elements in our city and our lives.’

Collaborating with Phoebe to produce a limited edition souvenir print for festival VIPs, Envelope articulates this utopian vision using the pure geometry and colour palette of the Bauhaus.

Careful consideration is given to the selection of a paper stock with a curiously tactile surface to contrast with the simplicity of the printed elements. The print is enclosed in a hand folded, translucent sleeve and sealed with a single red disc.

The red disc is a signature design element from Phoebe’s work that also features throughout Design Canberra Festival’s 2019 campaign.

Limited edition print