Computershare Brand identity

Expanding into a worldwide organisation, Computershare’s brand toolkit provided control over its brand assets as it continued its global growth.


Global brand research cements the passion for Computershare’s purple. A custom designed alphabet produces unique sub-brand identities.

The brand toolkit, written in everyday language by Cate Rayson, forms the centre-piece of an internal engagement campaign to demystify brand principles. Staff are empowered to develop their own materials within a broad set of guidelines.

The spirit of life — people interacting and the concept of a global village — informs the creation of a brand image library designed to grow as regional marketing teams are encouraged to contribute their own culturally relevant content. 

Flexible publication templates facilitate rapid and cost effective development of localised communication materials.

A global signage program introduces the brand into the built environment.

Brand identity 
Brand toolkit

We also developed a brand identity for recruitment company SHK.