BlueGen Communications

BlueGen is an Australian innovation that converts natural gas into electricity using ceramic fuels in a unit about the size of a domestic dishwasher. Envelope’s communications raised awareness of this revolutionary service with architects and building developers.


A bold positioning statement, Next generation electricity sets the tone of all communications. Multi-language content is tailored for digital and physical communications with Cate Rayson converting technical jargon into plain English. 

The BlueGen logo remains intact but the brand identity is refreshed with a new colour scheme and contemporary typeface. A system of pictograms communicate the benefits of the technology. Elegant technical drawings engage designers and builders alike.

Clear information graphics communicate BlueGen’s key benefits with digital and printed versions deployed accordingly.

A suite of marketing materials and project case studies are designed for rapid in-house production to reduce business costs.

A concise brand toolkit assists BlueGen’s small marketing team to manage the brand across a diverse range of international locations.

Brand toolkit

We developed a vibrant brand identity for Direct Nickel.