Hirst Projects Brand identity

Hirst Projects believe a deep appreciation of nature, culture and identity is the foundation for supporting thriving communities wherever they are in the world. Inspired by opportunities to improve people’s quality of life, to enhance the visitor’s experience of place, and to engender a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world in which we live, Hirst Projects span span the cultural, tourism and education sectors.


Understanding that flora, fauna and people all influence our experience of place and celebrating Sally and Robin's curiosity and collection of objects from their travels, Envelope developed a unique visual library to communicate Hirst Projects capabilities.

A sophisticated Microsoft Word template is the day-to-day workhorse providing the foundation for Hirst's detailed research and strategy reports.

A streamlined website informs a broader audience providing the platform for Sally's regular blog posts.

Brand strategy
Brand identity

We also developed a brand identity and communications for KAL Analysis.